Company SICC started its activity in Jesi (AN) in 1978. It was the first italian company of the sector to submit completely to outsider suppliers all the first stages of the manufacturing. In this way it could concentrate its own energies on the assemblage, the trading and the marketing of its products.

The philosophy which has always been inspiring SICC was to offer the market a high quality product at a dramatically competitive price, together with a careful and efficient customer's service. This philosophy allowed the Company to grow up constantly and to increase by over 20% yearly. In 20 years SICC developed from a little craftsman's factory into one of the most important sector's realities, affirmed on the italian and the international markets.

Since 1998 SICC has been the only italian company of its sector to be quoted into the Stock Exchange of Milan.
At present SICC works in Monsano (AN) in an industrial development area of about 100.000 m2, of which 55.000 m2 are covered, it is organized in a modern manner with highly automated production lines which considerably cut down the incidence of the cost of labour and allowed to make very interesting quotations for the market and to improve its position in the kitchen industry.