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(from here on SICC KITCHENS).

Please read carefully the terms of this agreement (from here on the 'Agreement'), because if you enter the site, you accept to be subject under the following general terms and conditions.

With the acceptance of these general terms and conditions you can enter the community services given by Sicc S.p.A. site and other sites managed or owned by SICC KITCHENS or societies linked to SICC KITCHENS (following the 'Network') as Newsletters, Chat, Forums and e-mail services (following 'Community Services'). We inform You that according to the art.10 of the law of 31 december 1996 n.675, which gives provisions in protection of persons and other subjecs about private data handling, the private data You give us or that are acquired during the course of the activity of Sicc S.p.A. will be handled following the provisions written before and the obligation of reservation which always inspires the activity of Sicc S.p.A.
Private data handling means their collection, logging, organization, preservation, processing, alteration, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, block, communication, circulation, deletion, distribution, that is the combination of two or more of such operations. The holder of the handling is SICC KITCHENS. SICC KITCHENS gathers and uses two kinds of data about the Users of the site (from here on the 'Users'):
(1a) Private Data - (name, address, etc.) suitable to identify the person they refer to, and;
(2a) Additional Data - inclusive of all other information about statistics such as streams of traffic and demografic data, by way of examples and not exhaustive one.

The private data will be gathered, used and transferred by Sicc S.p.A. subject to agreement of the holder as soon as he makes the registration to the service. However Sicc S.p.A. reserves the right to handle these private data without the agreement, if it is necessary to:
(a) carry out legal obligations;
(b) protect and defend its own rights and owerships;
(c) fulfill this Agreement and;
(d) safeguard the interests of the Users and olther subjects.
The agreement will be given accepting the general terms and conditions in this Registration Form. This acceptance will allow the carrying out of the following activities to Sicc S.p.A.:
a) the collection of the data given in the Registration Form and the information about the surfing of the site and all the other sites managed or owned by SICC KITCHENS and/or SICC KITCHENS for the following purposes;
- the communication to the User of information about the use or the potential use of this site and of the other sites of the Network;
The private data will always be under the control and the management of SICC KITCHENS.
a) - the trasfer of Private Data in countries which have a SICC KITCHENS file server to develop web activities and services within the Network.
b) - the sending from SICC KITCHENS , from the Societies of the Network that is from those societies with whom SICC KITCHENS entered into busines agreements, of promotional and commercial information that is about new offers of products or services. Selecting the proper box in the Registration Form the User will allow the transfer of Private Data to Third Parties selected by SICC KITCHENS, because they can send useful information about promotional material. The User can always revoke the agreement to the Private Data handling sending an E-mail to the following address or asserting the rights provided for by the art.13 of the law 675/96 as, for example, the right to oppose the handling of the data, to get the deletion and the changing in an anonymous form of the data or the freeze of the data handled in breach of the law. Sicc S.p.A. can collect, use Additional Data and transfer to third parties non-private, statistical or demografic data.

Contents introduced by SICC KITCHENS. All material in this site is owned by SICC KITCHENS that is by its licensees and it is protected by the regulations of the copyright and of the registered mark. It is not allowed to copy, to alter, to reproduce, to republish, to send, to pass or to distribute by any way and by any means material of this site, code and base software included , except what is managed otherwise by this Agreement. SICC KITCHENS authorizes the use of the site and of its contents only for a private and uncommercial use and allows, within these limits, the access to the site and the printing of individual pages or sections of the site.

The User grants SICC KITCHENS a free of charge, everlasting, non-exclusive, worldwide and without-extension-borders licence which legitimates SICC KITCHENS to use, copy, give a sub-licence, adapt, transmit, publicly show or divulge all information spread by the User on the site. Objects of licence are all informarion spread on the site, for example, through e-mail messages in bullettin boards, forum and chat, loading of file, introducing of data or partecipation in conversations. This licence doesn't include data about his own e-mail account whose privacy and integrity will be always protected.

SICC KITCHEN makes sure that the site and the Community Services will be always available and that the contents spread by SICC KITCHENS in the site will be true, detailed and without mistakes. However, SICC KITCHENS asserts not to take on any responsability about the matter, unless otherwise instructed.

The User guarantees that all material transferred or sent to the site isn't detrimental of other's rights. The site and the Community Services will be used only for private purposes and not for commercial ones. The User guarantees throught the correct use of the control 'Change' that all data indicated in the Registration Form are right and always updated. Entering the site the User undertakes to respect all enforceable local, national and international laws and rules and to be the only responsible for the actions and omissions that can derive from the use of services, all activities linked to his e-mail account included. The User undertakes not to use the site and the Community Services for chain letter, junk e-mail, spamming activity, sending duplicating or unreqired (commercial or of any other kind) messages; for collecting or accumulating information on other users without their agreement (e-mail addresses included); for creating a false identity or a counterfeit registration or for trying to deceive other persons about the true identity of the sender or the origin of the message; for transmitting 'Inappropriate Contents', as following defined; for transmitting any message or files that contain virus, Trojan Horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots, or other dangerous or damaging programs; for trying to enter services, other accounts, services of other networks linked to these ones in an unauthorized way through the extraction of password or by other means, to interfere through the use of services by other users or other subjects that use similar services.
'Inappropriate Contents' are considered, at SICC KITCHENS' absolute discretion, all linguistic expressions, remarks, observations and pictures that are indecent, illicit, illegal, racist, defamatory, unpleasant, detrimental of other's rights or fit for confining or restraining other users in the use and enjoyment of the Community Services.

SICC KITCHEN can disconnect the website services and the Community Services, that is to deactivate the users' accounts and their access to the services at any time and without notice.
Sicc S.p.A. reserves the right to change totally or partially these general terms and conditions without notice. About the e-mail services given by the site, SICC KITCHENS reserves the right to disconect them if they are inactive.
An e-mail account is considered inactive when the user hasn't connected, since the day of the first registration to the service, for the following 10 days, or, afterwards, for 120 days after the last link.
Sicc S.p.A. can also erase e-mails which haven't been read 90 days after they arrived. SICC KITCHENS isn't obliged to preserve the contents of the e-mail box or to pass on unread or unsent messages to the user or to other persons. SICC KITCHENS reserves the right (not the obligation) to monitor all materials sent to the site. SICC KITCHENS can also work out, erase, remove any message or remark considered of Inappropriate Contents or that violates this Agreement.

Only the User is responsible for the use of the site and of the offered services, for the free information contained therein. As far as the enforceable laws establish, Sicc S.p.A. doesn't take on any direct or indirect responsability that derives from rules of trade, expedience, damaging behaviours or any other reason. SICC KITCHENS will not be responsible for the malfunctioning of the site and/or of the software, for missing or wrong communication deliveries, for the breakdown of the service, for the correctness, the quality or the nature of the information got through the services, for the consequences - derived from or linked to- any virus transmitted through the service.
SICC KITCHENS will not be responsible for the costs, the losses, the benefits, nor for those losses derived from the use or the incapacity of entering the site, except that the responsability is for death or personal damage.
SICC KITCHENS doesn't give any guarantee on the contents introduced by the Users in the chat and in other community spaces through opinions, sentences or recommendations which express their free thought, not SICC KITCHENS' one.
This site can be reached by or lead to other sites that SICC KITCHENS doesn't manage.
SICC KITCHENS doesn't controll the information, the products or the services given by these sites and SICC KITCHENS isn't responsible for their contents in any way. Through these sites the Users can buy goods or services directly form other dealers which are connected to the site by a link, too. The Users can interact or share the promotions of advertising users in the site. SICC KITCHENS doesn't guarantee in any way the conduct of other subjects or their transaction, business, mail, taking part to promotions, delivery and payment of goods and services included and of all the other terms, conditions, guarantees, representations about it, which are only at the user and of other involved subjects' expense.
Sic S.p.A. declines all responsability and obligation that can derive from the above-mentioned activities as regards to the parties. The User accepts to relieve SICC KITCHENS from any responsability, cost, missed profit, missed gain or losses derived from the violation of this Agreement.

This Agreement is governed by the Italian law and all the disputes between the User and SICC KITCHENS are under the jurisdiction of Monsano (AN) departing from any territorial jurisdiction.
If the dispositions in this Agreement are interpreted void or inapplicable, such dispositions will be interpreted respecting the shared intents of the parties in any way, according to the remaining dispositions of this Agreement. The missed exercise, from SICC KITCHENS, of the rights and of the dispositions arranged in this Agreement isn't a renunciation of such rights and dispositions but through a clear, written declaration of SICC KITCHENS.

According to art.1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code. According to art.1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code the User declairs to have read and approved in detail the clauses in Terms and Conditions, 2. Copyright, 4. Duties of the User, 5. Rights of SICC KITCHENS, 6. Limited liability and 7 Jurisdition.