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technical features





maroon oak-wood

pale oak-wood

aluminium frame and
stainless steel satin finish


s68 type A

s68 type B

s68 type C

s68 type D

s68 for glass-fronted door only


(A) Polished stainless steel stool and chair structure, seat base available in light or dark oak.

(B) empresa chair Kubika model, black lacquered seat and back, chrome frame

(C) Emy chair, plastic frame in white, burgundy, mocha and black

(D) empresa stool, Kubika model, chrome finish metal frame with wooden seat lacquered black or white

(A) extendable table with light oak structure and top, 150x80x3 cm.

(B) extending table with glossy stainless aluminium frame, grainy white and Corlam beige laminated top, 4x150x90 cm

(C) empresa extending table, Kubika model 160x80 cm, chrome underframe, semi- glossy black lacquered tabletop. Also available in the following finishes: light oak-wood veneered, maroon oak-wood veneered, Hickory walnut- wood veneered and semi- glossy white lacquered

(D) extending table, 130x80 cm, stainless steel painted metal underframe, glass table top


--> 4/6 cm white laminated worktop with rounded front border
--> 4/6 cm maroon oak-wood laminated worktop with maroon oak-wood ABS border
--> 4/6 cm pale oak-wood laminated worktop with pale oak-wood ABS border
--> 4/6 cm pale grey larch-wood laminated worktop with pale grey ABS border



tables & chairs